Are You Ready?

We have found it helpful to provide a checklist that will help you determine if your book is ready for distribution and sales activities. We offer this list as an educational tool. If you find that your book meets all or most of these criteria, you can expect that your book will have a better than average chance of success. If you find that your book does NOT meet all or most of these criteria, we are happy to work with you to bring your book and program in line with current marketplace standards. Feel free to use this checklist on your own or contact us about our publishing and book consulting.  Do you own your own ISBN?  Was your interior professionally designed with proper margins, headers, and pages?  Was your cover designed by someone with book industry experience?  If you want your book in bookstores, have you priced your book based on what books on the bookstore shelves in your category are retailing for?  If you want your book in the bookstores and libraries, does your spine have text printed on it and is your logo on the bottom of the spine?  Does your book have a price-specific EAN barcode? I look forward to speaking with you about our programs and seeing how we might work together. - Amy Collins

We Know How Hard It Is

We know how hard it is to navigate the publishing world. The time, the money, the headaches ... It can be daunting. But we are here to help.

Whether you want your book sold to your local bookstore or presented to buyers at a major chain; if you need help getting your eBook set up and distributed to all the top sites - we have the the experience to get your book into the right hands.

New Shelves Distribution and Amy Collins have been providing distribution, POD services, eBook formatting and distribution as well as sales representation to small presses and self-published authors since 2006.

We believe that knowledge should never be hidden or guarded. What we know, we are happy to share. If we can be of help to authors and small presses and give them some information and tools to help them succeed, we are satisfied.

What People Are Saying

"Amy is a true publishing expert. Unlike some self-appointed gurus who jumped on the independent publishing bandwagon because it’s the latest hot new trend, Amy’s reliable advice is backed up by decades of actual industry experience. Her contacts in the industry ensure you of up-to-date information and she really cares about the authors she serves. I highly recommend Amy and New Shelves Publishing Services."

—Michele DeFilippo, Owner of 1106 Design

" I arrived at the doorstep of New Shelves Distribution with a novel, my labor of love. I knew what I wanted for this book and what I hoped to experience as an author, but there was so much to learn and so many choices. It was difficult to make sense of it all. After my first conversation with Amy, I knew that News Shelves was the right place for me in terms of getting my book out into the world and onto the shelves. Amy is straightforward, concise, fearless and quite funny. Her wealth of knowledge is immediately impressive as she is able to lay out before you the world of independent publishing in a clear manner and then offer many different options as to how you might conquer that world. And the support she gives you along the way is simply unheard of in today’s curt retail and service environment. I cannot stress that enough. And frankly, she does all of the hard work. She talks to the bookstores, her contacts placing your works on the shelves of major independents. She deals with Amazon, Borders, etc. And then she cares for your books, storing them and managing the distribution needs. So, sit back in your author’s study, put your feet up, have a glass of wine, pretend to smoke that pipe and be content that Amy Collins definitely has your back. You won’t be disappointed!""

—Jeffrey Blount, Author of Hating Heidi Foster and Almost Snow White,